Past Volunteer Experiences


See what our past volunteers say about the program:

The RV program has provided me the opportunity to explore clinical research at a top Emergency Medicine research institute and have a part in research that is affecting patient care today.
— Paige DeVries
Participating in the RV program has sparked my passion for Emergency Medicine and given me the opportunity to learn about clinical research from leading researchers. Everyday I am able to learn something new. I am so grateful for this experience.
— Jamie Stang
Being a Research Volunteer at HCMC has not only exposed me to the fascinating practice of Emergency Medicine, but also the impact conducting clinical research can have on the advancements within the medical field. Being able to interact with staff and patients at HCMC has made me much more comfortable in a hospital setting, and has also reassured my passion to pursue a career in healthcare. One of my favorite things about working each shift at HCMC is walking in without knowing what to expect. Every single shift is exciting and spontaneous in some sort of way. I am constantly learning from the medical professionals around me.
— Josie Jones